Pupil Premium

2016 - 2017

Pupil Premium Key Principles

Duncombe Primary School is committed to bridging the gap between those children with advantaged backgrounds and those who qualify for Pupil Premium funding through their level of deprivation. We use our funding to enhance four key areas:

  • Learning and the curriculum.
  • Social, emotional and behaviour support.
  • Enrichment beyond the curriculum.
  • Supporting families and the community.

The following have been identified as ongoing aims, based on barriers to learning that may affect pupils entitled to Pupil Premium:

  • Increase attendance and punctuality
  • Reduce the risk of exclusion
  • Increase support for parental education
  • Increase pupil and parent aspiration and expectation
  • Provide a positive school culture to raise attitudes towards education
  • Raise awareness of opportunities for education and employment
  • Engage agencies to support with income/material deprivation leading to: poor diet, adverse health and well being, famiy stress
  • Increase opportunity for enriching experiences for all our families
  • High expectations for all pupils from all staff

For this academic year, Duncombe's pupil premium grant allocation is £381,480

Current priorities for Pupil Premium spending in 2016/2017:

  • Improve results at KS2, particularly in reading and the percentage of higher achievers in all areas
  • Improve results at KS1 in all areas
  • Consider the need for tutors and support for PP families who want to apply for grammar schools
  • Use community workers to do more support in class, focusing on target groups of learners

We analyse the impact of all our initiatives through data analysis (where there is quantifiable data). We also review the success of initiatives which enrich the lives of our children and families through varied experiences with case studies and anecdotal evidence.

The school's pupil premium strategy will be reviewed again in May 2017.

Headteacher, Barrie O'Shea


Read our Pupil Premium Statement from 2015-2016 below:

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