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At Duncombe, we aim to ensure that by the time pupils leave Year 6, they are confident fluent readers who have developed a love of reading. We equip them with the knowledge and skills to predict, summarise, infer and retrieve information from a range of diverse and challenging texts, including those which represent our rich and varied literary heritage.

EYFS and KS1

In Early years, we ensure pupils develop their love of reading and become familiar with many stories and are able to tell some by heart. Pupils start following the Read Write Inc programme in Week 2 of reception and continue to follow this systematic phonics programme throughout KS1 until they become fluent readers. Once pupils complete the programme, they are taught whole-class reading sessions.


In Key Stage 2, children are taught whole-class reading sessions for 1 hour each day. Teachers plan reading lessons based on high-quality texts to allow children to develop their ability to:

  • Retrieve information from a text
  • Infer information from a text
  • Make predictions about a text
  • Summarise what they have read
  • Understand and explain the choices that authors have made
  • Make connections and links between texts they have read

Children who need additional support will follow the Read, Write, Inc. programme or follow a different curriculum with different texts but will develop the same skills. They will also receive additional reading support in order to make rapid progress so they are able to access their own curriculum.

Reading for Pleasure

Duncombe has a well embedded culture of home reading as it is something we promote from the moment we welcome pupils in EYFS. Every child has a reading diary which is signed by a parent each day and parents are encouraged to comment on their child’s reading to ensure good communication between home and school.

At Duncombe, we encourage children to take part in reading challenges such as the Winter and Summer reading challenge and The Islington Reading road map. To engage pupils further, we organise story tellers for key events such as World Book Day and Black History Month.

General English Resources


At Duncombe we teach phonics using the Read Write Inc. programme. To teach Read, Write Inc. we use pure sounds. This means we say the very first part of the sound. For example, ‘mmmmm’ not 'muh’ and ’ssssss’ not ‘suh’. This is so that your child will be able to blend the sounds into words more easily.

Watch these videos to help you learn how we say each sound so that you can help your child at home. All of our teachers and teaching assistants in Reception and KS1 have been trained to teach the Read, Write Inc. programme so please ask us at school if you would like more help or you have any questions.

Set 1 Sounds

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Set 2 Sounds

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Set 3 Sounds

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