Staff have travelled to Berlin in Germany to visit Judith Kerr Primary School.

"We had a fantastic time in Berlin! We visited Judith Kerr Primary School, where the children learn in both German and French. It was very interesting to see a school in a different country. Like Duncombe, there were children of lots of different nationalities and great importance is placed on maths and literacy. Interestingly, lessons finished at 1.30pm and children chose club activities to participate in for the afternoon. We saw children doing break dancing, jewellery making and African drumming. We went to an assembly where the children acted out the Greek myth ‘Pandora’s box’ in French. All the teachers brought work by their children about their countries. You can see some of this work on our Comenius display in the middle hall.

We were also lucky enough to have the chance to explore the sights of Berlin, including looking at art in the Neues Museum, visiting the French Embassy, taking a tour of the Reichstag (German parliament) and walking beside part of the Berlin wall. We tried some interesting Berlin food, such as currywurst and raw pork mince with onions." 

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